sassa yellow card 2023-2024

By | February 7, 2023

sassa yellow card 2023-2024

sassa yellow card 2023-2024

sassa yellow card 2023-2024

Johannesburg, South Africa – Beneficiaries are invited to use the gold card to withdraw their handouts from nearby shops and ATMs by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

This occurs as South African Post Office locations experience systemic issues.

Sassa claims that grants can be redeemed at any retail location offering the cash-back option in the country, including Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, Pick & Pay, and Boxer.

Recipients of grants are reminded that they can use their Sassa gold cards to make purchases wherever bank cards are accepted because they function exactly like other bank cards under the National Payment System.

The business claims that all Postbank customers who want to do over-the-counter operations, including as deposits and withdrawals, are impacted by the system failure at Post Office locations.

sassa yellow card 2023-2024

Interim CEO of Postbank, Lucas Ndala, expressed regret for the issue.

We take any service outage seriously, thus we apologize to our Sassa social grants recipients and Postbank clients for the inconvenience.

Our IT teams have been given the urgent responsibility of resolving the technical issues affecting the over-the-counter branch transactions.

While we try to maintain full service availability within Post Office locations, all clients are recommended to use merchants and ATMs as alternatives, Ndala stated.

He claims that Postbank’s overall experience and services continue to be a primary priority, so customers and stakeholders can have faith in it.

Postbank will let you know when the problem has been fixed.

The company uses a bank card that is compatible with all National Payment System access points, according to Sassa’s interim CEO Abraham Mahlangu.

“This limits the impact on customers when one bank’s, retailer’s, or pay point’s system is down. As we continue to pay the appropriate social grant to the appropriate individual at the appropriate time and place, Mahlangu added that we would continue to diversify these channels as much as we can to lessen our dependency on any one specific entry point.

sassa yellow card 2023-2024

Is the yellow Sassa card still valid?

  • Sassa declared that the Sassa gold card was still an accepted and legal form of payment on the Public Installment Framework. Retailers and ATMs are combined in this. The office further pledged that award recipients would get their rewards in December 2022.

  • The majority of South African beneficiaries of social awards access and spend their monies using an extraordinary gold card. However, the body in charge of awarding prizes has reportedly denied information about these gold cards.

  • The South African Federal Retirement Aid Organization (Sassa) has informed award recipients that their Sassa gold cards won’t be changed. This is in response to a few unfounded claims that said the office intended to replace the cards.

Sassa gold cards are used by more than 18 million winners of super durable awards every month to access their social award cash.

Among the most resilient honors are the Older People Award, the Handicap Award, the Kid Support Award, the Child Care Award, the Award in Aid, the War Veterans Award, and the Consideration Reliance Award.

sassa yellow card 2023-2024

The organization recognized that false internet entertainment claims that the gold Sassa card was being changed had caused anxiety among award winners and prompted concerns within the organization.

In regards to the Public Installment Framework, Sassa declared that the Sassa gold card is still an acceptable and legal method of payment. Retailers and ATMs are combined in this.

The office further pledged that award recipients would get their rewards in December 2022.



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