when sassa payment for june 2023-2024

By | February 16, 2023

when sassa payment for june 2023-2024

when sassa payment for june 2023-2024

when sassa payment for june 2023-2024

You might be wondering when you’ll receive your SASSA grant for June as May comes to a close. Continue reading to find out when the SASSA will start paying out grants in June 2023 so that we can help.

The start of May signals the impending SASSA pay day. In June 2023, grant payments are due on the days indicated below.

The following payment dates have been made public by the South African Social Agency (SASSA) for the month of June 2023:

  • Older Person’s Grants 3 June

This includes any grants that are associated with these accounts.

  • Disability Grants 4 June

  • This includes any grants that are associated with these accounts.

  • Foster Care Grants 7 June

  • Care Dependency Grants 7 June

  • Child Support Grants 7 June

Beneficiaries are urged by SASSA to prevent large lineups and being turned away without assistance by delaying their arrival at collecting places after receiving their payment through SMS

SASSA provides grants to South Africans who are poor or vulnerable.

when sassa payment for june 2023-2024

The deadline for applications for the Special Relief of Distress grant, which provided recipients with R350 per month, was April 30. However, SASSA has said that if you do not claim your R350 award by April 30th, you will be allowed to do so at a later date.

R350 grant appeals may be submitted up to May 31. This would give candidates a second chance to be accepted if they had been incorrectly rejected in the past.

Due to the fact that payments begin in the month you apply or submit your appeal, they could not have ended on April 30. The end date of the award payments has not been stated by SASSA due to agency payment backlogs.

SASSA was established in 2005 to oversee the distribution of social funding for the Department of Social Development. In an effort to improve the standard of living across the country, this is given to people who are at danger of poverty or who need government assistance. Up to May 31st, R350 grant appeals can be submitted. In the event that applicants were wrongfully turned down, this would allow them a second chance to be eligible for the grant.

Payments may not have terminated on April 30 because they start from the month you applied or submitted your appeal. Due to agency payment backlogs, SASSA has not specified when the award payments will stop.

when sassa payment for june 2023-2024

For the Department of Social Development, SASSA was founded in 2005 to manage the disbursement of social grants. This is given to persons who are at risk of poverty or who require government support in an effort to raise the level of living in the nation.

The well-known Social Relief Of Distress Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, Old Persons Grant, War Veteran’s Grant, and Grant-In-Aid are all administered by SASSA.



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