sassa 624 grant 2023-2024

By | February 16, 2023

sassa 624 grant 2023-2024

sassa 624 grant 2023-2024

sassa 624 grant 2023-2024

Three substantial amendments to SRD grant applications have been suggested by the Social Development Department. The Social Development Department expressed worry over the small number of applications for the special COVID-19 social relief of distress (SRD) grant that were accepted.

Less than half of the more than 11 million candidates were accepted by the end of June.

As a result, Minister Lindiwe Zulu has released fresh draft regulations to change the terms of the SRD grant, one of which raises the applicants’ permitted income threshold to R624.

The grant amount itself won’t change until March of the following year, staying at R350. Any candidate who deposits more than R624 into their ledger for the relevant month will be rejected by SASSA.

The first is to increase applicants’ maximum income from R350 to R624, which is the level necessary to avoid going without food.

sassa 624 grant 2023-2024

According to the agency, recipients’ bank accounts will be examined monthly in any case. The second amendment aims to do away with the need that grant seekers confirm their need for the grant every three months.
The removal of the clause in the agreement that designates the bank verification process as the main factor in establishing eligibility is the third area of concern.

The division has requested feedback on the draft guidelines from all relevant partners.



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