sassa means test 2023-2024

By | February 3, 2023

sassa means test 2023-2024

sassa means test 2023-2024

sassa means test 2023-2024

When you apply for a social grant, Sassa will evaluate your application using a means test. This is exactly what a method test is, and it has implications for your Sassa award application.

A means test is used by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) to establish a candidate’s eligibility for financial support through social grants.

During the means test, Sassa will assess the applicant’s assets and income to determine whether or not they fall within a predetermined range.

This is carried out because Sassa grants are designed to assist those who are unable to maintain their families and themselves financially.

Each sort of grant has a different means test. For the grants for older persons, veterans of war, and those with disabilities, for example, a sliding scale is utilized.

In other words, the applicant’s eligibility for a government pension will be proportionately lowered to their private income.

Income threshold for SASSA

Grants for older persons, disabilities, and war veterans:

  • The maximum annual income for a single person is R86 280, and the maximum annual income for a married couple is R172 560.

  • Asset ceiling: If you are single, your assets should not exceed R2 455 200; if you are married, they should not exceed R1 227 600.

Child Support Grants:

  • Individuals should not make more than R54 000 a year.

  • not make more than R108 000 a year if you are married.

Care Dependency Grants:

  • not make more than R 223 200 a year if you’re single.

  • Married: Not make more than R446 400 annually



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