will sassa r350 increase 2023-2024

By | February 17, 2023

will sassa r350 increase 2023-2024

will sassa r350 increase 2023-2024

will sassa r350 increase 2023-2024

As a result of the agency increasing grants, recipients of some Sassa social grants can anticipate an increase in their monthly payments in October.

Social handouts were enhanced by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) in October. The R350 SRD grant has been extended for a further year, which will pleasure the recipients.

Only a small percentage of grants were raised to manage South African people’ social assistance.

There will be an increase in the following social grants:

  1. From R1980 to R1990, older age (60-74 years old) will increase.

  2. Age (75+ years) will rise from R2000 to R2010.

  3. From R1980 to R1990, the number of war veterans will rise.

  4. From R1980 to R1990, disability will rise.

  5. From R1980 to R1990, care dependency will rise.

Each of these Sassa awards has increased by R10.

Because these awards were already increased by R20 in April, the Foster Care Grant, Child Support Grant, and Grant-In-Aid have not been raised.

On the other side, the country’s orphaned children will benefit from the introduction of the Child Support Grant (CSG) Top-up, according to Minister of Social Development Lindiwe Zulu.

Orphaned children’s caregivers are eligible to apply for the CSG Top-up, which entitles them to R480 plus R240 more per month for a total of R720 per child.

Here are the Sassa grant payment dates for November:

Older Person’s Grants – 2 November

This includes any grants associated with these accounts.

Disability Grants 3 November

This includes any grants that are associated with these accounts.

Child Support Grants 4 November

The Sassa grant increases will take effect in October.



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