why sassa r350 still pending 2023-2024

By | February 13, 2023

why sassa r350 still pending 2023-2024

why sassa r350 still pending 2023-2024

why sassa r350 still pending 2023-2024

The status of your R350 SRD grant is “Pending,” but are you unsure what this means or what you can do about it? Read on because we can help.

If you have applied for the R350 SRD award and your status reads “Pending,” this means that SASSA has not yet approved your application, according to SASSA. This shows that SASSA is still verifying your information by scanning it.

why sassa r350 still pending 2023-2024

What ought you to do?

If candidates have not yet received approval, SASSA has advised them to continue monitoring their SRD status for changes.

why sassa r350 still pending 2023-2024

  • SASSA checks the accuracy of the data you submitted, including your ID number, name, and surname, after the Department of Home Affairs has verified your application.

  • Then, your ID number is matched to the databases of the South African Revenue Services (SARS), the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), and the National Student Financial Aid

  • Scheme (NSFAS). This is a check to see if you are receiving any other forms of compensation or recognition; if you are, you won’t be sponsored.

  • Your ID number and cellphone number are both then subjected to a fraud risk scoring process.
    If your application is approved, you will be paid via the bank, the post office, or Cash Send.

  • The Special Covid-19 R350 SRD award will not be handed out on a set date, which is crucial for applicants to understand.

  • The applicant will be paid each month as long as they continue to satisfy the eligibility requirements. SASSA assesses whether recipients are still qualified each month. This can happen without submitting a monthly application.

Payment can be paid up to seven days after the application has been accepted. The grant’s payment date is not set in stone, SASSA has underscored.



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