when sassa grant start 2023-2024

By | February 3, 2023

when sassa grant start 2023-2024

when sassa grant start 2023-2024

when sassa grant start 2023-2024

Sassa provides financial support to millions of people on a regular basis to help them pay for their essential living expenses. As November draws to a close, the payment dates for December’s social handouts have been revealed.

Without further ado, the recipients of the December social awards will get them from the South African Federal Retirement Aid Office (Sassa). Sassa’s financial assistance has helped millions of South Africans over the past few years.

The following is the social grant payment schedule for December:

Older person’s grant: Thursday 1 December

          This includes any grants linked to this account

Disability grant: Friday 2 December

          This includes any grants linked to this account

Rest of the Sassa grants: Monday 5 December

Beneficiaries can obtain their grants in one of three ways: through CashSend, by using their Sassa cards at merchant locations, or by having the money sent directly into their bank accounts.
Sassa grant beneficiaries can go to Pick & Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, USave, or OK to pick up their social handouts. These beneficiaries will not pay any fees when they swipe their Sassa cards at these retail locations.

Recipients are reminded that they are not required to receive their grant as soon as it becomes available because the funds will stay in their account until they wish to spend them. If they wait a few days to receive their social grant, they won’t have to wait in lengthy lineups outside of stores.

The remaining grants are for child support, foster care, grant-in-aid, and war veterans. These funds will enable these people to buy some needs to get them through the month.

According to calculations, Sassa began giving social prizes to almost 18 million South Africans around the year 2019. These people either need financial help urgently or are at risk of going into poverty.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, more people needed financial assistance. During this time, many people were unable to work or lost their employment, prompting an immediate need for government help.



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