unclaimed_special_srd_grant_list 2023-2024

By | December 13, 2022

unclaimed_special_srd_grant_list 2023-2024

unclaimed_special_srd_grant_list 2023-2024

unclaimed_special_srd_grant_list 2023-2024

According to SASSA, cash from unclaimed SRD grants may still be reclaimed. The SRD grant’s second phase, which is presently in progress, will end in March.

According to a statement issued by SASSA on Tuesday morning, the unclaimed R350 grant payments from the initial round have finally been distributed.
According to SASSA, beneficiaries previously had a deadline by which they had to submit grant applications for awards they had not already submitted in the first round. Any outstanding SASSA awards beyond the deadline would be lost and transferred to the National Treasury for distribution, the organization continued.

Those “whose unclaimed funds from the first round of the grant were to be forfeited on 31 August, can still retrieve their unclaimed funds,” according to a recent announcement from SASSA.
You must deliver your ID to the nearby Post Office to pick it up there.

This significant breakthrough was made possible by the newly released Ministerial Directions, which were issued by Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Social Development.

The R350 grants that have not yet been claimed have an extended deadline of 30 November.

According to SASSA, the uncollected SRD SASSA grant funds will once more be “forfeited to the State to fund other government objectives.”

The SASSA’s CEO, Busisiwe Memela-Khambula, said:

For the authorized recipients of the first cycle who were unable to claim their benefits at the Post Office, it’s an early Christmas. We applaud Minister Lindiwe Zulu’s inspirational leadership in bringing about this outcome.

The CEO went on to emphasize how the SRD award benefits people who are most in need and urged those who still owed money from SASSA grants to do so as soon as possible.



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