sassa november 2023-2024

By | January 5, 2023

sassa november 2023-2024

sassa november 2023-2024

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The grant payment dates for November have been announced by SASSA. Continue reading to learn when you will receive your R350 grant payment.

You might be wondering when your October SASSA award will be paid as October draws to a close. Finally, SASSA has established the dates for award disbursements.

The dates listed below for award payments have been made public by SASSA:

  • Grants for seniors will start to be paid on November 3.

  • Any grants related to these accounts are also included.

  • Starting on November 4, disability grants will be paid.

  • Any grants connected to these accounts are also included.

  • Starting on November 5, all other grants will be paid.

  • Foster care grants, care dependency awards, and child support grants fall under this category.

If you’re wondering when you’ll get paid for your SRD grant, SASSA has stated that there is no set period of time during which R350 grant payments must be made and that you will only be paid for the months for which you are qualified.

When other SASSA awards are being paid, you should not pick up your R350 grant from the post office, advises SASSA.

You should also wait for an SMS notifying you when your grant is ready for pickup before traveling to the post office; otherwise, you run the danger of travelling there in vain and coming home empty-handed.

According to SASSA, you are not obligated to pick up your award on the first day; it will be accessible at any time.



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