sassa in full 2023-2024

By | January 31, 2023

sassa in full 2023-2024

sassa in full 2023-2024

sassa in full 2023-2024

If you depend on welfare but are unable to support yourself, you may be qualified for additional subsidies to pay for a full-time carer.

How will I find out if I qualify?
There’s a demand for:

  • those who already get military, old-age, and disability benefits

  • If you need full-time care because of a physical or mental condition that prevents you from taking care of yourself

  • not given care in a place that gets government funding for your treatment or housing

What will you receive?

You’ll receive R480 each month.

What are the SASSA’s primary characteristics?

The agency’s mission is to ensure that all social security services are given for those who are weak or destitute within the bounds of the law and the constitution.

Our Mission

The agency’s goal is to guarantee the delivery of comprehensive social security services for those who are vulnerable and in need within the bounds of the law and the constitution.

Statutory Purpose of SASSA Social Assistance Act of 2004

This law establishes the framework within which various social benefits, emergency social help, the distribution of social assistance benefits by state agencies, and the hiring of social security inspectors are all provided on a national level.

Social Security Agency Act of 2004 in South Africa

The South African Social Security Administration will be established under this Act as a Schedule 3A public authority under the PFMA. This law’s main goal is to establish the South African Social Security Administration in order to effectively administer, distribute, and manage social assistance and services. On May 28, 2004, he signed legislation into effect.



For more info on Sassa Online Application click here


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