sassa gurl vs buknoy 2023-2024

By | February 9, 2023

sassa gurl vs buknoy 2023-2024

sassa gurl vs buknoy 2023-2024

sassa gurl vs buknoy 2023-2024

January 2021 saw a query from Sassa Gurl.

“My question for the day is: Why isn’t there a queer endorser of Red Horse (a Filipino beer brand) because we’re the ones who pay for drinking outings and can even outdrink the weak shit men?” In a video she released on TikTok, Sassa Gurl questioned in jest and in Filipino before cheekily singing along to “Good Days” by Sza.

25-year-old transgender Filipino TikTok celebrity Sassa Gurl is a transgender person. On the platform, she has more than 4.5 million fans. She is also recognized for her candid views on Philippine life and culture as well as her comic plays about typical Filipino occurrences including mistakes in the classroom, neighborhood rumors, run-ins with jeepney drivers, and encounters with characters from corner stores. She regularly gets millions of views, tens of thousands of likes, and innumerable comments on her videos.

“Many people claim that they became famous by accident or that their content was discovered by mistake. Me, no. Sassa Gurl said to Bad Habit, “I planned all of this, and I did everything I could to get noticed by people. What astonished me was the level of fame I gained, and precisely the amount of people who really watch and connect with my recordings.

The TikTok celebrity gained notoriety earlier this month when she was chosen to represent a regional booze company on a calendar, something she acknowledged considering but not believing was feasible. Sassa Gurl, a transgender woman, started working as a calendar model.

It had been a year since she had posted that video in which she questioned a beer business about why it lacked queer brand endorsers. At that point, White Castle Whisky, a different alcoholic beverage brand, had just revealed that it was looking for its next calendar model. Sassa’s supporters, known as “‘nak shits,” or approximately “shit sons and daughters,” were quick to remember the video and compel her to take part in the competition.

Liquor calendars are rather common in the drinking culture of the Philippines. On one side, there are enormous, dazzling banners with hardly legible months and numbers, and on the other, a sexualized young woman, frequently dressed in a two-piece. Until the calendar for the upcoming year, which depicts a new It Girl in a bikini, is issued, they are posted on the walls of corner stores, garages, and kitchens across the nation for the hungry gaze of males.



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