sassa food vouchers 2023-2024

By | December 6, 2022

sassa food vouchers 2023-2024

sassa food vouchers 2023-2024

sassa food vouchers 2023-2024

Grant recipients will be able to use their vouchers at retail businesses thanks to the Sassa electronic voucher system. Shorter lines outside of pay stations were the outcome of the adoption of the voucher system.

Many people are severely vulnerable as a result of the tragic conditions brought on by the floods in KwaZulu-Natal. In response to the floods, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has declared that it will offer Social Relief of Distress to everyone who needs it.

If someone is unable to meet their basic needs, the SRD may be able to help. This assistance is given in the form of school clothing and food coupons for kids who have lost their uniforms as a result of the crisis.

How to Fill Out a Food Voucher Application

  • Give your contact information to a social worker or ward councilor at your local government.

  • Your application for the food voucher is processed right away following the examination. When your application is approved, you will receive the voucher.

  • Only one month is allowed for the voucher’s use.

  • According to Sassa, it is anticipated that people’s lives would eventually return to normal and that other varieties of SRD, such as the R350, will continue to be accessible to those in need.

Anyone can use the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Food Voucher.
When a catastrophe or calamity strikes, people who are unable to provide for their families’ most basic needs are offered temporary assistance.

How do candidates get picked?

The application is assessed after the assessment is finished, and if it is approved, the voucher is given out.

What Benefits Does the SASSA Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Food Voucher Offer?

Each family receives food vouchers from SASSA worth R1200.
To a family who has lost a family member as a result of a disaster, R1980.00 x 2 (Total Amount Paid Per Family: R3960.00) in food vouchers or cash will be given.
Students who have lost their school uniforms due to a disaster are given new ones. R2700 for females, and R2500.00 for males

What is the duration of the program?

Because it is anticipated that people’s life would return to normal, the availability of other forms of SRD, such as R350, to those in need, will only last for one month.

How to Make a Scholarship Application.

By providing their contact information to a social worker or counselor at their local municipality, afflicted recipients can apply for a food coupon.

For more information, applicants can contact Sassa at their regional call center at 0338463400 or at their toll-free line at 0800601011.



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