sassa elderly grant 2023-2024

By | January 4, 2023

sassa elderly grant 2023-2024

sassa elderly grant 2023-2024

sassa elderly grant 2023-2024

You can get a grant to support you throughout your senior years. An older person’s award is available to those who are 60 years or older. This stipend was previously known as the old age pension.

How do you know if you qualify?

You must.

  • not be supported by a state institution or receive any other social assistance;

  • not earn more than R86 280 (for single people) or R172 560 (for permanent residents) in South Africa as a citizen, permanent resident, or refugee (for married people).

  • not own assets worth more than R1 227 600 if you’re single or R2 455 200 if you’re married.

What are you going to get?

A maximum of R1 980 can be given to you each month. If you are older than 75, you will earn R2,000.

In what way will you be compensated?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will pay you the award in one of the ways listed below:

  • electronic deposit into your bank or Postbank account at a certain pay point on a specific day (the bank may charge you for the service) (e.g. old age home).

  • If you are unable to collect the grant yourself, you can designate a procurator at the SASSA office or give someone power of attorney to do so.

How soon may we examine your grant?

SASSA can determine whether your grant needs to be evaluated. Based on the income you disclosed when applying for the grant, this decision will be made. You will be informed three months in advance of the review date or the deadline for presenting the life certificate (proof that you are still alive). If you get your money from a bank, an institution, or a procurator, you need to fill out a life certificate every year at the SASSA offices.

When is the grant subject to revocation?

For any of the following reasons, your grant could be canceled:

If you don’t participate when reviewing your grant, if you fabricate a story about what transpired after your grant was granted, or if you commit fraud.

How long will your grant be valid?

Once you’ve done any of the following:

pass away, check into a state facility, or depart the country for three months without submitting a claim.
Please be advised that if you are admitted to a facility that has a contract with the state to pay for your care, the social grant is lowered to 25% of the grant’s maximum amount. The fourth month following your enrollment in that university is when this will start. The lowered award is reinstated as soon as you are dismissed from the institution.


How to move forward

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office that is the nearest to your home requires that you bring the goods listed below.

Your ID card has a barcode with 13 digits (ID). You must complete an affidavit in accordance with the SASSA format in front of a Commissioner of Oaths who is not an SASSA representative if you don’t have an ID.

Also required is a sworn statement attesting to your identity and age, written by a respectable person such as a councilor, traditional leader, social worker, minister of religion, or school principle. Your fingerprints will be taken by an SASSA employee. You will be instructed to go to the Department of Home Affairs to apply for the ID while your application is being processed. If you don’t obtain an ID, your funding ends.

  • Your marital status must be established (if applicable).
    proof of residence

  • a disclosure of your profits or dividends (if any).

  • The cost of any real estate you possess is included in the evidence of your assets.

  • Your documents for a private pension (if any).

  • bank statements for the previous three months.

  • A copy of your UIF membership card, sometimes referred to as a “blue book,” or a letter of termination from your prior job, if you were employed.

  • If your spouse passes away during the last five years, a copy of the will and the first and last liquidation and distribution accounts.

  • If you are too weak or ill to visit the office, a family member or friend may submit your application on your place. To explain why you are unable to visit the office, the person should get a letter from you and/or a note from your doctor.



For more info on Sassa Online Application click here


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