sassa and nsfas 2023-2024

By | February 9, 2023

sassa and nsfas 2023-2024

sassa and nsfas 2023-2024

sassa and nsfas 2023-2024

You might be wondering if you qualify for the bursary program if you have received the R350 SRD award and wish to apply for Nsfas. This is the potential impact of the R350 prize on Nsfas.

South African students who are struggling financially can attend public higher education institutions thanks to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas).

The R350 Social Alleviation of Pain (SRD) award, which is awarded to unemployed people with no source of income, may already be given to many distressed people who apply for Nsfas.

However, if you are a recipient of an R350 award and need to apply for Nsfas, you will never again be eligible for the R350 award if you are approved for Nsfas.

sassa and nsfas 2023-2024

This is because Nsfas students fall under the grant category and are not eligible for grants or UIF monies, hence they are not eligible for the R350 grant.

These R350 grant recipients are qualified to apply for a Nsfas bursary even if they are currently receiving payments from the SRD award. If they satisfy the NSFAS requirements, they will be approved even if they are R350 grant winners.

However, Sassa will lose eligibility for the R350 award once its monthly reviews are finished, and payments will stop.

They will be turned down because the “Nsfas registered” result of their Sassa grant status check.

No one is qualified to receive both the Nsfas cash and the R350 grant.

The R350 grant and any additional SASSA grants you earn, however, will immediately make you eligible for assistance from Nsfas.

It is crucial to review the Nsfas requirements before submitting an application for the bursary program.

sassa and nsfas 2023-2024

Can I apply for NSFAS if I am awarded an R350 Grant?

Response: This is a very frequent question.

  • The answer is that you will still be qualified for NSFAS financing even if you are awarded the R350 grant.

  • However, in order to be eligible for the R350 stipend, you must not be an NSFAS beneficiary. Therefore, it is very likely that you will not be approved for the award if you are an NSFAS beneficiary and apply.

  • In the case that you apply for NSFAS while you are still receiving the grant and are accepted, SASSA will likely mark you as no longer being eligible for the award, and your payments will stop. SASSA determines if current recipients are still qualified each month.




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