sassa 500 extension 2023-2024

By | February 3, 2023

sassa 500 extension 2023-20254

sassa 500 extension 2023-2024

sassa 500 extension 2023-2024

Grants known as “Social Relief of Distress” (SRD) were introduced in May 2020 to address the immediate needs of the most vulnerable individuals. The grant was promptly put into use and showed to be successful.
Finance Minister Enok Godongwana stated that the subsidies would be renewed in his medium-term budget address for 2022.
The government’s decision to extend the special Covid-19 SRD grant by one year, until 31 March 2024, is the primary factor influencing the adjustments to spending plans for the medium term.

This is so because Godongwana has considered a variety of regional and local threats, such as rising inflation, tighter monetary conditions, and the ongoing effects of COVID-19, including the tightening of Chinese lockdowns and their effects on supply and demand chains globally. once the outline was completed.

As a result, the three-year budget will be centered on improving service delivery and building the groundwork for greater growth.

sassa 500 extension 2023-2024

Godongwana emphasized that either a permanent rise in income, a permanent decrease in spending elsewhere, or a mix of the two would be necessary for a permanent renewal or replacement of SRD funding.

According to projections from the State Treasury, Covid-19 SRD subsidies will cost R64.9 billion in the fiscal year 2030/31, increasing by at least 8.8% yearly.
Despite the fact that the applicant only receives R350 per month, lobby groups continue to call for his SRD award to be increased to R624, which is South Africa’s food poverty threshold.

There are reportedly continuing debates about the future of permanent SRD grants for qualified people.

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sassa 500 extension 2023-2024

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