sassa 250 2023-2024

By | February 10, 2023

sassa 250 2023-2024

sassa 250 2023-2024

sassa 250 2023-2024

The first round of R350 prize installments is officially ongoing, and according to SASSA, thousands have already been paid. They hope to have compensated 2 million people by next week.

On Wednesday, SASSA began paying the R350 award recipients in full. There are approximately 6000 recipients. They aim to have compensated 250 000 people by Thursday night.
The group wants to have reimbursed 2 million people by next Tuesday.
A spokeswoman for SASSA, Paseka Letsatsi, said:

We’re making an effort to increase the numbers gradually. Additionally, we want to guarantee that the system won’t necessarily crash.

Beneficiaries who have not yet received any payments need not worry; the payment procedure is still in progress, and additional funds will be distributed in the upcoming days.

Your award will be sent to you via the post office if SASSA has not received your bank information. Beneficiaries should wait for an SMS informing them that they can pick up their grant before travelling to the nearest Post Office.

sassa 250 2023-2024

SASSA sends a predefined number of SMSs to recipients to make sure that only a small proportion of people attend Post Offices to pick up their grants. This is carried out during the epidemic to prevent long lineups and crowding.

In order to prevent as many people as possible from visiting the Post Office, we have made sure that those receiving payments, particularly those who will do so there, do not conflict with those receiving regular grants.

There have already been around ten million R350 grant applications submitted to SASSA. 49% of applicants are men.



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