sasas grant 2023-2024

By | December 28, 2022

sassa grant 2023-2024

sasas grant 2023-2024

sasas grant 2023-2024

People who are in such dire financial straits that they are unable to provide for the most basic needs of themselves or their family may be eligible for a temporary sort of aid known as social relief of distress.

Applicants for social alleviation of suffering must be citizens or residents of South Africa who meet one or more of the following requirements and have restricted resources.

  • The applicant expects to be paid for a social benefit that has been approved.

  • The applicant has been found medically unfit to perform compensatory work for less than six months.

  • Within three months of the breadwinner’s passing, the application is submitted.

  • There is evidence that attempts to get in touch with a parent, child, or spouse who is required by law to pay maintenance have been unsuccessful.

  • The principal breadwinner of the family has been admitted to an institution that receives state money (prison, psychiatric hospital, state home for older persons, treatment center for substance abuse, or child and youth care center).

  • The Disaster Management Act or the Fund Raising Act, both of which were passed in 1978, both of which define a disaster, have had an impact on the application.

  • The person is not receiving assistance from any other entity or person.
    Applying for social alleviation of distress will save you from unnecessary misery.

sasas grant 2023-2024

Period of Social Relief of Distress (New Policy)

For a maximum of three months, Social Relief of Distress is distributed once every month. A further three-month extension may be given in rare cases.

Remember that a recipient of a social grant is not eligible for assistance with social distress.
Anyone who receives grants or other forms of social assistance must repay the full amount received. This amount will be deducted from all future social assistance payments, including past-due amounts.
The money won’t be returned, though, if the social grant recipient also received aid for the tragedy.



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