is sassa r350 grant still available 2023-2024

By | January 25, 2023

is sassa r350 grant still available 2023-2024

is sassa r350 grant still available 2023-2024

is sassa r350 grant still available 2023-2024

The R350 Social Assistance Emergency Grant may still be available to South Africans who meet certain requirements, according to the Ministry of Social Development, which claims that it is collaborating with other government organizations to locate jobs for them (SRD).

Social Development Minister Lindy Wezulu said in a written parliamentary question-and-answer session that her sector has been given a budget that can support around 10.5 million of her SRD beneficiaries in the fiscal year 2022–2023.

But she adds that other MPs need more than her 500,000 and it’s less than the number the fund could have previously assisted.

The State Treasury, according to Zulu, would provide more budget dollars to various government agencies in order to provide much-needed employment opportunities, which her agency and Sassa will use to help clients. said.

“With the aim of supporting Covid-19 SRD users to access work prospects, Sassa is currently in the process of creating a data-sharing agreement with the Departments of Public Works and Infrastructure and Employment and Labour.

In addition, she added, “the department has completed a framework on connecting social protection users to sustainable livelihoods projects, with a view to providing skills targeting the unemployed and those on the SRD database to boost chances of employment.”

The department, its facilities, and employment development organizations provide skill development through this program that has the ability to provide income and open up work prospects.

“These efforts, according to the official, are meant to help those who cannot be helped by social grants or the Special Covid-19 SRD Grant and to direct them toward more sustainable employment opportunities and other forms of economic activity” she added.

The R350 Social Emergency Assistance Grant in South Africa has been extended by President Cyril Ramaphosa until February 2022. The award is valid through March’s end of 2023.

The Sassa R350 scholarship will it be renewed?

For the millions of South Africans who have been impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak, Social Distress Relief (SRD) handouts are a significant source of income. The newest news will be welcomed by many of our scholarship recipients.



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