buknoy and sassa 2023

By | February 22, 2023

buknoy and sassa 2023

buknoy and sassa 2023

buknoy and sassa 2023

On a recent Spotify podcast, Buknoy Glamurrr was introduced as a Star Image talent. Social media influencer and “mima mong buzowg” Sassa Gurl was able to strongly clap back at the announcement.

Their management is allegedly abusing their own animals. In his recently released vlog, Sassa reprimanded people in charge of Buknoy before breaking down in tears on the aforementioned podcast.

A special mention was made of the 16-year-old “influencer” Gabo Adeva in the “Gabi ng Bading” podcast, which was published on June 25. Please accept our deepest apologies if you heard her apologize to Awra Briguela, Vice Ganda, and Ion Perez.

buknoy and sassa 2023

I am aware of Buknoy’s issues, so why are they giving him a platform? said Sassa. Why is Star Image’s guidance ineffective? I, for one, am addicted to Tiktok and constantly observe that he has a terrible video, but management simply ignores it.

When he approached him, Buknoy was furious and wanted to hurt him. He didn’t fully understand the older social media personality’s argument, but he nevertheless did this.

I just want to let you know that I am furious, not angry. On TikTok, Buknoy criticized Captain VJ, his “negligent” manager. Indeed, you are correcting mistakes made by users on TikTok, but why do you care about dating-related issues?

He advised Sassa to match the words “Love you” and “God Bless” at the conclusion of the aforementioned video to determine his potential opponents first.

Prior to everything, though, Buknoy was remorseful for his own TikTok due to what Sassa had said. Even though the comments about him were only criticism, his handlers were overjoyed when he began trending, according to Sassa.

buknoy and sassa 2023

“Because we are aware of your youth, we want to concentrate on your management. And unlike an adult, a youngster is unable to consider if something is ethical or bad, according to Sassa.

Why does Star Image allow Buknoy to “share” his opinions online and write rants? Sassa claims that the management is “exploiting” his personal problems. After posting a “clickbait” video depicting Buknoy being “DEPRESSED,” Captain VJ has even been accused of being a Clout Chaser.

Buknoy’s only request from Sassa is to read Star Image so that he can work on his “behavior and attitude” on social media.

“Focus on your studies if you’re honest and truly want to alter Buknoy. Since he now has better manners and an improved attitude toward social media, if he decides to pursue a career as a social media artist, at least he will know what to do, according to Sassa.



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